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How Banks Use Data-Driven AI to Help Small Businesses

69% of small business owners say they would switch to a bank that provides all the features and services they need. And in the current uncertain environment, almost one in four small businesses is two months or less away from closing permanently.

Considering the number of people small businesses employ and the impact they have on the economy, it has never been more critical for banks to step up with solutions, support, personalized advice and guidance for their small business customers. 

Join us as we explore how banks can utilize financial data-driven personalized engagement to help small businesses navigate the uncertainty we are currently facing.

Topics for discussion include:

  • The need for forward-looking insight and advice in day-to-day banking, business management, cash-flow control and accounting practices.
  • The steps the financial service industry can take to ease the financial stress on SMBs and guide them through recovery including cash flow monitoring, payment deferrals, lines of credit and smart recovery solutions.
  • Current offerings in Covid-19 Related capabilities.
  • Our unique EB capabilities.
  • Ability to connect with Financial-Data Agreggators and Cloud-Accounting Softwares for a one holistic aggregated view and better servicing.
  • Agile digital personalized offerings to accommodate for market, industry and global shifts
  • Optimizing multi-channel synergy by empowering SMB Bankers and Agents with financial data-driven insights


 Dorel Blitz, VP Strategy & Business Development – Personetics


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