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Personetics and Synovus Bank Partner to Boost Customers’ Personalized Engagement

Discover how Synovus Bank achieved remarkable results with Personetics’ financial data-driven personalized engagement platform.

Presenting on stage, Liz Wolverton, EVP and Head of Consumer Banking and Brand Experience at Synovus dives into the bank’s Personalized Engagement journey, exploring how Synovus: 

  1. Broke down organizational silos for a unified impactful customer experience
  2. Leveraged Personetics’ AI to deliver hyper-personalized insights and advice
  3. Aligned human and digital channels to reframe personalized engagement
  4. Continuously modified interactions and measurable results to optimize impact.

Ready to unlock the power of financial data-driven Personalized Engagement for your bank?
Read the remarkable Synovus success story.

Download the Synovus-Personetics Case Study

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