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Personetics Podcast EP09 With Todd Lane, President and CEO at California Coast Credit Union

This week’s guest on Banking on Innovation is Todd Lane, President, and CEO of California Coast Credit Union, a $3.6 billion credit union based in San Diego. Todd was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Cal Coast in 2009 and has served as president and CEO since 2015.

Although Cal Coast is a relatively local credit union, serving nearly 200,000 members who live or work in San Diego or Riverside counties, Todd argues that it must be ambitious in its vision:

“The credit union market in California is very unique, and that plays into the approach that we are taking in terms of technology, personalization and membership. We have to compete with the big guys. And the only way to do that is to own the member experience.”

He also spoke at length about the credit union’s founding vision of working closely with educators to improve their financial wellness, and how technology and digitization is helping Cal Coast remain true to its customer-centric roots: “Certain programs we’re trying [to implement] manually are not scalable, so we’re trying to accomplish them in an automated fashion. The need is far greater than we can deliver without technology.”

PLUS you’ll discover:

  • How Cal Coast is successfully bringing younger members on board.
  • How Todd gained his board’s ongoing support for his vision of owning the member experience.
  • 3 surprising drivers behind Cal Coast’s growth in recent years.
  • The inspiring story of how Cal Coast staff helped struggling members get through the 2008 recession.
  • Why the most important demographic for Todd is “Gen-C” – and the surprising members of this group!

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