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Personetics Podcast EP10 With Lindsey Johnson, President & CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association

In this week’s episode of Banking on Innovation, we will explore the realm of banking and customer innovation from a completely different standpoint. Our special guest is Lindsey Johnson, the recently appointed CEO of the Consumer Bankers Association (CBA).

The CBA is the only banking association in the United States that focuses solely on issues related to consumer retail. With its members consisting of major bank holding companies as well as regional and community banks, the CBA possesses a distinctive perspective and plays a significant role in addressing the challenges faced by the industry. Given the rapid advancements in technology and changing customer expectations, it is crucial for the industry and policymakers to work together in order to promote innovative solutions that provide value.

Lindsey strongly advocates for closer collaboration between policymakers and banks in order to guarantee that every individual in America is provided with adequate access to the essential financial tools they require and desire.

“We have to turn a corner to a new chapter where policy-makers don’t see banks as adversaries”.

The banking system is focused on anticipating the next generation of individuals’ financial needs.

We need to partner with policy-makers to make sure we can offer these different products to consumers. But when we hear from policy-makers making misleading statements about the banking system, that becomes a challenge for consumers to really discern the truth from myth.” PLUS you’ll discover:

  • The measures Lindsey believes the government must take to help consumers in a challenging economy.
  • The biggest challenge for banks when leveraging data to improve customer experience.
  • The regulatory challenges she anticipates around Open Banking.
  • What she thinks the government must do to combat a “huge rise in scams”.
  • The best way for banks and policymakers to work together …and more.

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