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Personetics Podcast EP11 With Ken Meyer, Chief Information & Experience Officer at Truist

In this 11th episode of the Personetics Banking on Innovation podcast, we welcome in Ken Meyer, Truist Bank’s Chief Information and Experience Officer for Consumer Products. Those twin titles have meaning for Ken, who sees his job as bringing tech “forward” in the bank at Truist, to where it can markedly improve the customer experience. “That mix (of tech and customer experience) has always been something that’s fascinated me,” Ken told us on the podcast. “It’s something that drove my focus: Making sure we can really translate what our technical capabilities are and pull them forward to actually impact our clients.”

As a key contributor to one of the biggest bank tech stories in recent years – the merger of BB&T and SunTrust to create Truist – Ken had plenty of interesting topics to cover including: Truist’s approach to tech implementation during the merger, and why often their choice wasn’t between the legacy tech of SunTrust or BB&T, but new, innovative solutions. What some of Truist’s most important learnings from the merger experience were.

  • Truist’s use of innovation and personalization, as well as their T3 Initiative (Tech + Touch = Trust) to deliver on Truist’s new purpose and brand promise.
  • The balance Truist tried to strike between efficiency and innovation during the merger.
  • How Truist plans to use innovation of product and experience to win in the ongoing battle for deposits.
  • How Truist is getting customers to take action on the insights the bank provides.

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