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Personetics Podcast EP13 With Tom Brown, CEO of Second Curve Capital

In this Personetics episode of the “Banking on Innovation Podcast,” host Jody Bhagat interviews Tom Brown, CEO of Second Curve Capital, an equity investment firm focused on financial services, and one of the most thoughtful industry experts in the area of bank strategy. A highly respected figure in the banking industry, Tom has extensive experience, unique access to bank CEOs and is a nine-time top-rated bank analyst who publishes the influential Tom Brown Weekly newsletter.

In his discussion with Jody, Tom shares insights into the Second Curve model and describes what sets it apart in the market. He discusses their focused approach that emphasizes the importance of truly understanding the banking business. Unlike most analysts, Tom visits various bank departments to gain insights into all banking operations, from frontline employees to back-office processes.

The conversation then turned to the current market environment and how Second Curve has adapted to it. Tom sees a positive trend in the fact that the bank stock group has been outperforming the S&P 500 and describes it as a bank stock bull market. He believes that pessimism surrounding the banking industry has led to undervaluation, presenting an opportunity for growth.

Comparing the current market environment to the previous period of rapid interest rate increases in 2008-2009, Tom sees significant differences, particularly in the area of improved risk management and resilience. In his view, these are the most underappreciated aspects of today’s banking industry. Banks have become much better at managing risks and running stress tests to assess their portfolios’ resilience.

On the customer side, Jody and Tom discussed the importance of building customer loyalty and a strong customer franchise. They agreed that personalization, in the form of differential pricing and individually tailored advice, is crucial for building trust and retaining deposits and valuable ways to increase loyalty. In both mobile and online banking applications, customers have been very receptive to proactive AI-based advice platforms like the ones offered by the largest banks.

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Tom Brown Second Curve Capital talking at Personetics Blog

Jody and Tom conclude the discussion by noting that even the most loyal customers will pull out if they feel their money is threatened. A deep understanding of customers’ financial situations and building trust with current, personalized advice are essential for maintaining strong relationships in today’s banking landscape.

Overall, this episode provides valuable insights into the banking industry, covering the significance of personalization, risk management, and the evolving relationship between banks and their customers. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of current market trends impacting banks and the strategies that can lead to success in the ever-changing banking landscape.

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