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Reinventing Small Business Celent’s Banking Report

It has taken roughly a decade for disruption to hit Small Business Banking. In this report, Alenka Grealish, Senior Analyst at Celent answers SMB banking’s most urgent question: “Why AI now?”

The report covers the most pertinent topics in Small Business Banking, including:

  1. A review of ‘Embedded Finance Pacesetters’.
  2. The SMB AI Banking Paradigm Shift.
  3. Transforming SMB Banking Behavioral Economics
  4. Use Cases: How to improve customer engagement by leveraging AI

Download this report from Celent to learn how Artificial intelligence (AI) can reduce cost-to-serve and improve customer experience for Small Business Banking by enabling Self-Driving Finance capabilities.

Download the Report

Want to explore how your bank can harness the power of AI to increase deposits and drive business impact