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Personalized Insights: The ROI of Engagement for Banks

As banks are recognizing the importance of digital transformation and customer engagement as part of their go-to-market strategies, they are still struggling with how to prove that these strategies will generate a meaningful ROI.

Featuring insights into the most effective tools and methodologies, the webinar will help you understand how to optimize your investments and increase the value to your bank’s bottom line.

David Sosna, Personetics’ CEO will discuss how:

  • Rethinking your current PFM assumptions will help you focus on the added value your offerings deliver to your customers
  • Auto-savings programs directly boost your bank’s ROI
  • Differentiation based on personalized customer experiences drives long term-engagement
  • Delivering tailor-made insights for the unique challenges of SMBs helps open a currently underserved audience


david sosna

David Sosna

Want to explore how your bank can harness the power of AI to increase deposits and drive business impact