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WEBINAR: Drive Differentiation and Growth Through Automated Wellness Programs

Financially resilient customers are able to withstand and recover from temporary financial disruption or hardship. These resilient customers provides banks with higher lifetime value, greater loyalty, increased product adoption and reduced delinquency and defaults. It then stands to reason that banks would do everything they can to boost and support financially resilient customers. And in today’s volatile economy, banking customers expectations for guidance and support through these ups and downs is even more acute.


In this webinar, Tiffani Montez, Senior Analyst at Aite Group, will discuss:

– How current banking strategies and product offerings fall short in their ability to foster more resilient customers over the long-term

– Her vision of a ‘virtual financial coach’ and how it will impact customer outcomes

– How proactive and lasting intelligent engagement can help customers improve their financial picture


Dorel Blitz, VP Strategy & Business Development at Personetics will then present:

– How an automated approach to financial resilience delivers habit forming behavior across all customer segments

– Real banking examples of Automated Program implementations that are savings customers over $225 per month

– Best practices for adopting Financial Resilience Programs and the Monday Morning Plan on how you can implement these types of programs at your bank and guide customers through dynamic personalized journeys to achieve financial goals




Dorel Blitz
VP Strategy & Business Development
Tiffani Montez
Senior Analyst
Aite Group

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