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February 2, 2022

Finxact Marketplace Welcomes Personetics

Personetics has joined Finxact, the leading provider of the next-gen core banking platform to the US regional and super-regional banking sector, for its Marketplace of best-in-class banking solutions. Together the companies will enable banks running the Finxact core to easily enrich transaction data and support the integration of the personalized financial-data-driven insights, advice, and automated financial wellness programs offered by Personetics with deep core transaction data from the Finxact System of Record.

Personetics is the leading global provider of financial-data-driven personalization and customer engagement solutions for financial institutions. Personetics provides day-to-day enriched data, insights, financial advice, and automated wellness programs, tailored to retail banking, small business, wealth management, and cardholders.

Personetics’ AI-powered technology is focused on proactive engagement: analyzing financial data in real-time, understanding individuals’ financial behaviors, anticipating their needs, and acting on their behalf. Financial Institutions using Personetics’ AI software see an increase of up to 35% in digital customer engagement, a 20% increase in account and balance growth, and a 17% increase in the adoption of personalized product recommendations and advice.

“The banks running the Finxact core in production, as well as those evaluating it, have been especially vocal about wanting to see Finxact work with Personetics. There may not be a better example today of two technology platforms that together are helping banks use data and analytics to improve outcomes for their consumer and commercial customers,” said Christopher McClinton, CMO of Finxact.

“Banks are increasingly moving from a passive to a proactive relationship with customers and are looking for new ways to help them improve their financial well-being. We are delighted to partner with Finxact to provide financial institutions with the most comprehensive engagement platform on the market, enabling agility and differentiation with an agile delivery for quick business impact,” said David Sosna, CEO of Personetics.

The Finxact Marketplace attracts the leading fintechs and banking technology providers to position their solutions to the market integrated with the leading next gen core platform via its open-API architecture. In the Marketplace, banks can readily identify solutions for which they may become the driver for API-based integration, as well as those solutions that are pre-integrated and form part of the Finxact reference ecosystem in production environments.

Finxact’s headless core is a SaaS platform engineered to support the scale and regulatory requirements of the largest U.S.-based financial institutions. Its cloud-native core banking system provides 100% accessibility to all data and functions via a robust set of modern APIs, empowering banks and their partners to rapidly deliver new experiences by creating products on demand and integrating new services as needed.

Read the article from Finxact: Finxact Marketplace Welcomes Personetics

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