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July 14, 2022

Personetics Partners With Japan’s Leading Innovator in Digital Banking, iBank

Personetics, the leading global provider of financial data-driven personalisation and customer engagement solutions for financial institutions, today announced a new partnership with iBank Marketing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Fukuoka Financial Group and widely recognised as Neobank in Japan. By adding Personetics’ capabilities to its offerings for regional banks, iBank with the support of TIS, a leading systems integrator in Japan, intends to help more of Japan’s regional banks move to the digital space and bring a digitalised banking experience to more Japanese bank customers.

iBank is one of Japan’s most innovative Neobank, with a mission to enhance customers’ daily lives with digital banking services. As a subsidiary of Fukuoka Financial Group (FFG), one of Japan’s largest regional banks, iBank will work with Personetics is a B2B2C (Business-to-Business-to-Consumer) business model to partner with other regional banks in Japan. By partnering with Personetics and TIS, iBank intends to help its Japan regional bank partners offer advanced hyper-personalisation capabilities, but without requiring individual deployments from the other banks.

Personetics provides financial data-driven personalisation for banks and financial institutions through its real-time artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. By cleansing, enriching, and analysing customer financial transaction data, Personetics helps banks get a clearer view of how their customers manage money. By working with Personetics, banks can create personalised insights, relevant recommendations, and product-based advice to help improve their customers’ money management and financial wellness – for example, by setting smart budgets, creating financial goals, and saving more money automatically.

“We are excited to partner with FFG and iBank, who have always been at the forefront of digital innovation in Japan,” said Mr. David Sosna, CEO & Co-founder of Personetics. “By bringing Personetics data enrichment and personalised engagement capabilities to iBank’s regional bank partners, we can open new opportunities for Japan’s regional banks to support their customers. We can help Japan’s regional banks offer personalised engagement, based on their own customers’ financial transaction data. We can work together to create the future of digital banking with better money management, relevant financial advice, helpful product recommendations, and other solutions such as smart budgets and savings recommendations to make people’s financial lives better.”

Financial institutions also drive business impact from Personetics solutions by delivering an enhanced customer experience for higher customer engagement, better customer satisfaction, and more effective cross-sell targeting to help the institutions issue loans and open new accounts.

Originally published on Financial IT on 13 July 2022: https://financialit.net/news/digital-banking/personetics-partners-japans-leading-innovator-digital-banking-ibank

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