Personetics for Mass Affluent is a suite of solutions that analyze an individual's financial transactional data in real-time, understand financial behavior, and offer personalized banking insights, product or service advice and guidance to a banking segment that has disposable income and investable assets.
The mass affluent banking customer is a segment expected to grow by double digits in 2021 and is a highly lucrative area of business for the bank. These customers expect a high touch, personalized and proactive banking experience, a service model which may not be ROI positive for the bank. Banks have the opportunity to leverage an engaging, financial data-driven personalized digital experience at scale to provide the service mass affluent customers expect while boosting market differentiation and business impact.

The Mass Affluent Digital Experience

Activity Monitoring

Help customers stay up to date with important banking and investment activity

Digital Onboarding

New customer enrollment in digital features ensure high quality originations

Asset Building

Automated and semi-automated programs that help grow client AuM

Digital Advisory

Empower RM/FAs with Real-time monitoring of client opportunities for enhanced digital collaboration and planning

Account Aggregation

Grow share of wallet by encouraging linking of external accounts for a holistic financial picture and upsell opportunities

Personetics Engage
for Mass Affluent

Personetics delivers personalized, proactive and financial data-driven insights specifically designed to address the specialized needs of mass affluent customers.

Personetics Engage provides day to day banking insights, alerts, cashflow predictions and advice including recommendations for savings and investment products.

Personetics Act for Mass Affluent

Personetics’ Automated Financial Wellness Programs help mass affluent customers each long-term financial goals and achieve financial resilience. Self-adjusting Act Programs continually analyze changing financial situations in real time, recommend and even automatically execute actions, while keeping the customer informed, protected, engaged and financially resilient.

Pay Yourself First – Help the mass affluent customer safely save part of their income by automatically transferring a safe portion of it to an interest baring account.

Begin to Invest – Help mass affluent customers put aside money into taxadvantaged long-term savings accounts or automated investment accounts through a combination of smart recurring transfers and opportune savings recommendations.

Banker Enablement for Mass Affluent

Mass Affluent customers expect their RMs and Investment Advisors (IA) to proactively manage their relationship and provide high touch service, but in order to keep operations profitable for the bank, each RM or IA has more customers than they can comfortably service.

Personetics’ Banker Enablement solution embeds financial databased insights within the bank’s CRM, surfacing and prioritizing the most relevant and actionable financial opportunities. Embedding insights within the CRM reduces the time RMs spend analyzing customer and account data and highlights the most important customers and opportunities each day, boosting banker’s productivity, assisting to foster a deeper, proactive and meaningful relationship with clients.

Aggregating Accounts

The typical Mass Affluent banking customer will hold assets in multiple accounts and banks. In order to get the most holistic view of an account and make the optimal financial decisions across accounts, Personetics Insights encourage customers to connect external credit, checking, savings and investment accounts. By aggregating accounts, banks can leverage this data to offer appropriate products, accounts and services.

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