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Sustainability Insights: How it Helps Your Customers

Help customers take accountability by creating awareness of their carbon footprint and suggesting mitigating actions

Empower customers to reduce their carbon footprint with greener spending and climate-friendly financial goals

Encouraging nonprofit donations to customers based on relevant transaction history

Suggesting ESG products and actions to environmentally conscious customers

Addressing young people's concerns on climate change

Personetics can help our customers make data-driven recommendations to:

Reduce high emissions spending

Suggest to open investment accounts

Track total carbon footprint

Reduce high emissions spending

Suggest to open investment accounts

Track total carbon footprint

Carbon Footprint Labeling: Why Now?

Consumers are raising their expectations for what they want to see from banks and other brands on Environmental Responsibility. A 2020 international consumer survey from The Carbon Trust found that 67% of consumers support carbon labeling, and 64% are more likely to think positively about a brand that can show that it has reduced the carbon footprint of its products.

Giving consumers better information about the carbon impact on their purchases can help people make better-informed choices and potentially contribute to broader momentum on addressing climate change.

Personetics Carbon Footprint Tracking: How it works?

Carbon emissions data is sourced from local and international government organizations and used to calculate the carbon footprint by category of each consumer transaction.

We take a lifecycle approach to measure total greenhouse emissions that are built into each transaction, including fine-tuned nuance of different prices and impacts at the nation, regional and local level.

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"Our goal is to help consumers align their spending with their values. Every purchase has an impact, and banks have an opportunity to bring that awareness to their customers”

Nicole Meyers

VP Strategic Account Managment,

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